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  1. Do I need to repair my home before you will buy it?
    We will buy your house in any condition. We can close quickly and pay off your home.
  2. Do you buy houses in Greensboro NC?
    Yes. We buy houses in Greensboro NC and surrounding counties.
  3. Do you buy houses in Winston-Salem NC?
    Yes. We buy houses in Winston-Salem and the Piedmont Triad region.
  4. Are there any fees or commissions that we must pay when you buy our property?
    There are no fees or out-of-pocket expenses to you when you sell your home fast. You pay nothing when you sell your house fast.
  5. Can you pay off my house if I am in foreclosure and I have no equity?
    Ann Marie can often negotiate with the lender for a discount on the property if you are in foreclosure. Even though you have no equity the mortgage banker will consider working with us to arrive at a win-win decision. You may walk away owing no money and we may satisfy the lender and stop the foreclosure.
  6. How do I get started? How can I find out what can be done to get rid of this mortgage debt?
    You should call (336) 355-6500

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Are you about to be foreclosed and need help now?  We will buy your home and stop the foreclosure.  Imagine if you can still save your credit and start over again. Let us talk to the mortgage company for you.  It is all right.  We talk to banks all the time for other people just like you.   Call Ann Marie and find out about another option available to you with NO out-of-pocket expenses.