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Ann Marie Buys Houses in Greensboro NC

Buys Houses for Fast Cash in Greensboro NC

Ann Marie buys houses for fast cash in Greensboro NC and helps people who need a quick sale. You may be facing foreclosure due to medical bills and illness. You did nothing wrong but you became sick and the debts started piling up. You may be going through a divorce. You are not alone. We see this often and understand what you may be going through. If this sounds like the problem you are dealing with, please know that you can still get help from a team of caring people who understand the pain and struggle.

Buys Houses Fast Cash Greensboro NC

We can Pay-Off your mortgage.

There are many who called because Ann Marie buys houses for fast cash in Greensboro NC. She leads a team of professional men and women who can assist by talking to the mortgage bankers for you. If you are part of the Greensboro NC population or surrounding regions and are looking for a way to stop foreclosure please give us a call. There may be a win-win solution to end the financial stress you have been going through. If you want to know if we only buys houses?Please know that we buy greensboro nc hotels and apartment buildings, too. Perhaps you may wish to keep your personal home and sell a rental property or two. Give us a call and ask for Ann Marie. Tell us if you saw our we buy houses signs or saw an ad online?

Buys Houses For Fast Cash In Any Condition

Buys houses for fast cash in Greensboro NC and saves your credit before you get foreclosed.  When you are looking for companies that buy houses please think of . We will buy your house in any condition. You don’t need to fix or pay costly repairs on your home or property. Ann Marie has a team of contractors to do the job for you. The best part is that you won’t pay for anything. We know that you need to settle the debt as quickly as possible and we understand that. Options are available that the bankers do not tell you about. We are not realtors and we do not charge you any fees. A short sale is only one option. There is a big difference in short sales vs foreclosure.  We know how you feel because we felt the same way, too while negotiating for our clients in Greensboro NC.  You want to settle your debt fast and move on without delay. Most properties take 3 to 8 months to sell through a good realtor. Yet, we can close in a matter of weeks. That time is going to pass whether you talk to us or not. So, please call us and let us discuss what part we can play in assisting you in regaining your freedom from debt. Tell us the property address and your contact information. We will visit your property and get an evaluation to see what needs to be done to rehab the property so it can be sold.

We found that buying a house for cash solves most of the immediate problems.  It takes the pressure off you, the seller.  It gives you an opportunity to start over again.  The past does not equal the future. Yes, you can get a fresh-start on life and we can help.

Why Sell Your House For Fast Cash?

As cash house buyers we always pay your closing costs. If there is money owed on the house we will Pay Off your mortgage.

We will talk to the mortgage banker for you. So there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

You will not have to pay a Realtor Fee. You will not pay listing fees.

We buy houses “as is” no matter the condition of your home. Just let us do the home repairs that you could not afford.
We can pay you in cash. No banks needed and we will take care of the paperwork and fees as needed. Give us the address of your property and a little time to inspect it and let us talk together about an offer. When you say, “Buy my house“, You can have cash for your home in as little as 3 weeks. We keep things quiet and confidential. Sometimes, we sell houses back to folks who manage to rearrange their finances and other properties.

Reasons Homeowners Sell To Ann Marie

85% already missed one house payment
50% have already missed two mortgage payments
32% have lost their jobs and cannot see how to make their mortgage payments
Most have already refinanced twice

What To Do Now For a Fast Offer?

Please call (336) 355-6500 and give us your property address. Tell us how many bedrooms. Please describe your home or building to us as best you can.

Meet us there or arrange a time for us to see inside the home or buildings.

We will take care of the rest of the inspection and due diligence necessary.

We will make a quick offer to buy.

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Are you about to be foreclosed and need help now?  We will buy your home and stop the foreclosure.  Imagine if you can still save your credit and start over again. Let us talk to the mortgage company for you.  It is all right.  We talk to banks all the time for other people just like you.   Call Ann Marie and find out about another option available to you with NO out-of-pocket expenses.